Please see the Covid-Safe plan and the steps I will take to ensure that we stay safe and healthy in the lead up to, and on your wedding day:

  • Outdoors or Ventilation – Where possible, you should plan to have your ceremony outdoors. If not possible, ventilation with open windows or air purifiers should be used with guests to wear masks.

  • Physical Distancing – Please abide by the 1.5m physical distancing recommendation. I will also stand distanced when possible, and may ask your bridal party to as well (if possible).

  • Sterilised Microphones – I will use a seperate microphone and sanitise the microphone that the couple will use. Alcohol wipes will also be used on the day to clean the microphone for anyone else’s use.

  • Face Mask – Face masks are not compulsory for the celebrant or bridal party during the ceremony. I will use my face mask at all other times before and after the ceremony (set up and pack down).

  • Vaccination – I am triple vaccinated, having received a booster in January.

  • Venue Requirements – I will follow all covid safety venue requirements.

  • Restrictions – I keep up to date with the Government’s guidelines and restrictions.

  • Networking – I have a network of celebrants that I can contact in the chance that I am sick and can transfer all legal documents to them digitally.

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